Mountaintop is Safe... Are You!?


Non-Emergency Police Number
This is a cell phone carried by the on-duty officer.

  1. Park your vehicle in a well-illuminated area. This provides you with an opportunity to check your vehicle to ensure it is still secure. Criminals do not like to work under the lights.
  2. Do not post your vacation plans/details on FACEBOOK!
  3. Remember to close your curtains in the evening when your lights are on so strangers can't see into your home.
  4. Insist on seeing identification from sales and service people.
  5. While you are out in the backyard planting flowers, or mowing the lawn, please ensure that your front door is locked. It only takes a moment to have someone enter your home and remove your valuables.
  6. Lighting the entrances to your home and the use of timers on indoor lights helps to give the impression that you may be home and may discourage a would be burglar.
  7. While walking to your car have your car door key ready in your hand. Before getting into your car, glance at the back seat and floor for someone hiding there. Lock the doors immediately after getting into the car.
  8. Don't leave valuables in sight inside the car. Briefcases, sunglasses, clothing, gym bags and other valuables should be taken with you or locked in the trunk -- but not at the spot where you leave the car.
  9. Screens do not keep burglars out. Shut your windows on the first floor when you go to bed in the evening.
  10. Do not leave keys in hiding places. Thieves will find them. Carry your keys or make sure that anyone who truly needs them has their own copy.
  11. If you are a woman alone, list only your first initial and last name on the mailbox, or in the telephone directory.


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